Travel insurance benefits may not be worth it, says Senator

Travel insurance benefits - airport

Senator Edward J. Markey from Massachusetts released a report casting doubt on the coverage. Democrat Senator Edward J. Markey of Massachusetts issued a new report focusing on travel insurance benefits and whether or not they hold value. In it, he examined the travel insurance industry as a whole within the United States. According to Senator Markey, travelers aren’t getting the coverage they think they are. According to Markey’s report, travelers from the United States “get much less coverage…than they are led to believe.” This conclusion was based on an investigation…

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Travel insurance overlooked by millions from the UK

Travel Insurance

A recent study has shown that British travelers are often unprepared for unexpected holiday emergencies. Though the British people love to get away from it all to relax on their holidays, they are often lacking travel insurance when they do so, putting themselves at risk of tremendous unexpected expenses should emergencies or disaster strike. Recent statistics show that more than half the population of the U.K. intends to head away from home this year. A survey published by Think Banking Weekly indicated that 53 percent of the country’s population intended…

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