Professional Claims Solutions (PCS) Investigation Leads to Insurance Fraud Arrest/Conviction in Passaic County

Professional Claims Solutions (PCS) VCWC (Video Camera and Witness Canvass) Investigation uncovered a staged pedestrian accident. PCS conducted a thorough Video Surveillance Canvass and located a camera over two blocks away on a Passaic Housing Authority building that captured the staged accident.  Upon the completion of the investigation, the individual depicted in the below video link was subsequently arrested and prosecuted for ‘Insurance Fraud’ by Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.  These types of investigations and companies like PCS are playing a major role in keeping insurance premiums as low as possible. Having video of an…

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Swiss Re reports on commercial insurance market

International Insurance fund news

Commercial insurance market facing new challenges as economies evolve Swiss Re, one of the world’s leading reinsurance groups, has released a new report concerning the state of the commercial insurance market and the challenges it is beginning to face. The report highlights the changes an evolving global economy are having on the commercial insurance market, suggesting that this evolution is producing new risks that could harm the market if proper precautions are not taken. Despite these risks, however, the commercial insurance market is showing aggressive growth, especially in under-developed countries.…

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Governor Corbett signs reform legislation for civil liability in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has signed a bill that would place a limitation on the liability of defendants in some negligence cases in civil court. The bill was put to a vote in the state House, where it was passed 116 to 83. This was the second similar bill that has been passed within three months. After the vote, it moved to Corbett. This despite the protests of Democrats, who said that the bill is being pursued by business organizations, but that it comes at the cost of the victims…

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