Professional Claims Solutions (PCS) Investigation Leads to Insurance Fraud Arrest/Conviction in Passaic County

video insurance fraud

Professional Claims Solutions (PCS) VCWC (Video Camera and Witness Canvass) Investigation uncovered a staged pedestrian accident.

PCS conducted a thorough Video Surveillance Canvass and located a camera over two blocks away on a Passaic Housing Authority building that captured the staged accident.  Upon the completion of the investigation, the individual depicted in the below video link was subsequently arrested and prosecuted for ‘Insurance Fraud’ by Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.  These types of investigations and companies like PCS are playing a major role in keeping insurance premiums as low as possible.

Having video of an accident is invaluable as it will allow you to defend liability, determine the severity of an impact, and most of all identify fraud.

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video insurance fraud

Professional Claims Solutions (PCS) can be contacted via their website and or by emailing the president Steven E. Lee [email protected]

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