Connecticut officials are warning consumers of health insurance scams

Connecticut health Insurance

Insurance Department tells consumers to beware of phone scams The Connecticut Insurance Department is warning consumers to beware of phone scams from those claiming to represent health insurance organizations. These scams have become fairly common during the open enrollment season for insurance exchanges. During these times, many consumers are either looking for new policies or to renew their current health insurance policies that they acquired through exchanges. These consumers are being targeted by scams that seek to profit during the open enrollment period. Phone scams are seeking to exploit consumers…

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Connecticut aims to put price optimization to rest among homeowners insurance companies

Connecticut liability insurance

Homeowners insurance sector is attracting controversy due to the use of price optimization The Connecticut Department of Insurance has begun warning insurance companies against using a controversial pricing method that relies heavily on consumer buying habits. The insurance industry is meant to use actuarial or risk-based principles to price the coverage being provided, but many insurers have been found to be using price optimization, which could be placing consumers under a great degree of financial stress. Such practices have been found in various sectors of the insurance industry and more…

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