Connecticut officials are warning consumers of health insurance scams

Connecticut health Insurance

Insurance Department tells consumers to beware of phone scams

The Connecticut Insurance Department is warning consumers to beware of phone scams from those claiming to represent health insurance organizations. These scams have become fairly common during the open enrollment season for insurance exchanges. During these times, many consumers are either looking for new policies or to renew their current health insurance policies that they acquired through exchanges. These consumers are being targeted by scams that seek to profit during the open enrollment period.

Phone scams are seeking to exploit consumers for profit

State officials note that the scams involve a caller posing as a representative for a health insurance company. During the call, the scammer informs consumers that their policy will be canceled due to non-payment. The caller will then ask for a credit card number or other form of payment. Consumers are being encouraged to contact their insurance providers if they do receive such calls, as insurers will be able to confirm whether or not their policies are actually being cancelled. Those receiving these calls are also being encouraged to contact the Insurance Department.

Scams are becoming more common during the enrollment season

Connecticut health InsuranceThere are many scams that have emerged over the years that have targeted consumers with health insurance coverage. Some scams have come from those claiming to represent insurance exchanges, requiring consumers to pay for services that are meant to be free. Services that help consumers enroll in health insurance exchanges do exist, but they are available to consumers at no charge. Those charging for such services do not represent official organizations associated with exchanges.

State officials urge consumers to be in touch with their insurance agents

Connecticut Insurance Commissioner Katherine Wade is urging consumers to be especially careful during the holiday season as this seems to be a popular time for health insurance scams. Those that deal directly with insurance agents are encouraged to be in touch with these people in order to ensure that their policies are not in danger of being cancelled due to non-payment or any other issue.

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