India aligns itself for largest health care overhaul the world has ever seen

India health care overhaul - Flag of India

The country is completely reforming its medical care quality, availability and reduce mortality. India is in the midst of a massive health care overhaul that will become the largest in the world once complete. The goal is to help to ensure health care is available to everyone in the country, not just the wealthy. At the moment, the richest people across the country have ready access to health care. In fact, they can even experience the medical care they need in a luxury resort-style facility. The goal of the health…

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Health care reform in India inspired by Obamacare

India Health Care Reform Narendra Modi

The Narendra Modi government is hoping to implement a universal insurance program for the country. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has announced that his government is now preparing for health care reform across the country in the hopes of creating a “complete transformation” of the current medical sector. The universal health insurance program will be personally supervised by Prime Minister Modi. As this health care reform begins, it will represent the largest of its kind that the world has ever seen. The purpose will be to ensure that…

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