Health insurance high risk pool comes to an end today

new jersey health insurance

The NJ Protect program is expiring today, meaning that sick patients in New Jersey will need other coverage. Sick patients in New Jersey who had previously been receiving their coverage through the NJ Protect federal high risk pool have been scrambling to obtain other forms of health insurance coverage, as their previous plan is ending today. The program has come to a close due to the access that patients now have to standard plans. According to the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance, by the time the NJ Protect…

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Federal government takes over health insurance program in California

health care reform

California health insurance program now under federal control California’s high-risk health insurance program is set to be taken over by the federal government in the coming weeks. The state’s Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan was established to ensure that state residents with serious and chronic medical issues were able to find the health insurance coverage they needed. The program itself has been somewhat successful in this endeavor as it provides coverage for some 17,000 Californians. There had been concerns, however, that the program would not be able to last for the…

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Health insurance for high risk Californians to shift to federal program

California health insurance

There will be thousands of people in the state with serious medical conditions who will be affected. Beginning in July, there will be about 17,000 people with serious medical problems in California who will be shifting out of a state run health insurance stopgap program and into a federal plan. This will help to make sure that their coverage continues until the healthcare reforms become effective next year. This, according to an announcement that has been made by officials in the state. The state board responsible for overseeing the California…

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The future of health exchanges and high risk pools may hang on the Supreme Court’s ruling

Health Care Reform

News outlets have been reporting that if the health insurance law is overturned, massive programs it promised may end. Health insurance programs such as the state health exchanges and the pre-existing condition pools may find that their existence was short lived should the United States Supreme Court overturn the healthcare law that was put into place by the Obama administration in 2010. For example, the temporary PCIP government program may be the last of the protection for high risk individuals. That program was put into place in order to help…

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High-risk health insurance pool in Colorado asks federal government for almost $15 million more in funding

After experiencing claims that have now totaled twice the average for the country, the struggling high-risk health insurance pool in Colorado has now asked the federal government for additional funding of almost $15 million more than originally anticipated. Colorado has already received $90 from a total pool of $5 billion in federal money for assistance in carrying out an element of the country’s healthcare reform which involved insuring high-risk uninsurable individuals. The funds were meant to hold out until the insurance regulations are fully in place in 2014, at which…

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California insurance program a major success among those with pre-existing conditions

California may have been the last state to launch an interim health insurance program before the Affordable Care Act takes effect, but its program is now ranked the second most successful behind that of Pennsylvania’s. The program began several months after the health care reform law was passed. It was created to offer those with pre-existing medical conditions, such as cancer and diabetes, access to affordable health insurance policies. The state received an unexpectedly high federal grant to promote the program, which saw its enrollment skyrocket in recent months. When…

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Health coverage for adults with pre-existing conditions to receive financial boost in California

The federal government will be sending California $118 million in funds to support its health coverage of adults who have a pre-existing medical condition in 2012. The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP) has been federally funded and state run since 2010, to make sure that those who would be otherwise uninsurable would be able to obtain coverage, regardless of the medical conditions that have either caused insurers to deny them a policy or to charge astronomical premiums. The PCIP functions as a transition to provide this necessary coverage until 2014,…

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