Health insurance regulations raise concerns over privacy from gadgets

health insurance privacy fitness devices

Connected mobile and wearable fitness devices could soon be sharing medical data. While technology in the fitness category – including tiny computers in everything from wristbands to headbands is becoming the very latest trend, many are starting to wonder about the security and privacy repercussions of allowing these devices to be incorporated into health insurance coverage rules. In the future, the law may make it possible for the fitness and medical wellbeing of employees to be monitored. Although there could be some benefits to using these mobile devices and fitness…

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Many Nebraskans are eligible for health insurance subsidies

Nebraska Health Insurance

Report shows that Nebraskans could be missing out on health insurance subsidies Residents of Nebraska have been slow to enroll in the state’s health insurance exchange due to technical difficulties and uncertainty concerning the options that are available to them. A new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that approximately 239,000 people could find better coverage through the exchange, but only 500 people have enrolled into the exchange thus far. The report shows that many people are eligible for federal subsidies that could offset the cost of health insurance…

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Health insurance documentation to go digital with Medlio

Health Insurance website

Medlio aims to modernize health insurance information As the lives of consumers becomes more digital, health insurance is becoming weighed down by archaic documentation that is proving more cumbersome than useful. Medlio, a startup based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been working to make health insurance documentation more accommodating to the digital age. The startup has been developing a system that may replace the traditional cards that are used to identify a consumer’s health insurance coverage, providing these consumers instead with digital documentation that may prove more convenient. Digital documentation could…

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IBM supercomputer to recommend action on thousands of insurance claims for WellPoint Inc

IBM’s famed supercomputer, Watson, is taking on a new challenge, the results of which may have a sweeping impact on the nation’s insurance industry. The supercomputer has successfully overcome several challenges in the past, including a “Jeopardy!” competition in which the computer won a decisive victory against some of the brightest minds in trivia knowledge. Watson has shown that its computing power surpasses the capabilities of a human mind and, because it is a machine, is not prone to typical human error. For this reason, the computer is now being…

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