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Digital Health InsuranceMedlio aims to modernize health insurance information

As the lives of consumers becomes more digital, health insurance is becoming weighed down by archaic documentation that is proving more cumbersome than useful. Medlio, a startup based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been working to make health insurance documentation more accommodating to the digital age. The startup has been developing a system that may replace the traditional cards that are used to identify a consumer’s health insurance coverage, providing these consumers instead with digital documentation that may prove more convenient.

Digital documentation could be more convenient for consumers

Medlio believes that the time may be right for digital health insurance cards to become the norm throughout the country. Consumers are beginning to shoulder more of the financial burden associated with their medical care, increasing their desire for transparency concerning the costs that they face. As a result, health care providers are also beginning to recognize the growing problems associated with collecting payments directly from consumers. A virtual system that can identify health insurance providers and consumers may help alleviate some of the issues that are beginning to emerge in the evolving health insurance landscape.

Application allows for more transparent interaction between consumer and health care provider

The Medlio solution would exist as a simple mobile application. The app would store a consumer’s health insurance information, making it easily accessible via smartphone and other mobile devices. The application would automatically verify the consumer’s eligibility for coverage and approve them for medical care. The Medlio application would also provide consumers with the estimated cost of their medical care, based on data supplied by health care providers and insurance companies throughout the country. This would help consumers protect themselves from any malicious activities.

Security and privacy concerns abound

The nature of the Medlio application may actually be its greatest stumbling block. The application is being designed to share a consumer’s medical and health insurance information, which is exceedingly valuable. Because this information can be accessed with relative ease, there are significant privacy and security issues that could serve as a barrier for the application and its use in any given market.

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