Extended health insurance enrollment deadline is today

health insurance enrollment

Last Thursday, federal officials announced the extension of the open enrollment period, but it’s nearly over. On Thursday night, federal officials announced an extension to the health insurance enrollment period. This gave consumers until today to sign up for health plans that would start their coverage on January 1. The extension will continue at the Affordable Care Act marketplaces until tonight at midnight. This lengthening of the period in which consumers could sign up is the second consecutive year this has happened. Last year, federal officials granted an extension to…

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Health insurance exchange open enrollment period is about to start in the US

uninsured health insurance exchange

Open enrollment period begins on November 15 this year, running through February, 2015 The next open enrollment period for U.S. health insurance exchanges begins on November 15 this year, but many people may still be uncertain about what they need to do to be covered by January 1, 2015. The open enrollment period will run through February 15, 2015, but in order for coverage to begin in January, people will have to purchase policies from exchanges before December 15. The Alliance of Insurance Services has been taking steps to raise…

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Insurance exchange in Nevada open for buying health plans

health insurance exchange

Residents of the state don’t need to wait to purchase coverage for next year, as is the case in other parts of the country. Consumers across the United States are typically unable to purchase plans through their state or the federal insurance exchange until November 15,unless they have undergone certain qualifying life events since the start of the year, such as moving into a different state, the addition of a child to the family, or a marriage. However, individuals who live in Nevada are already able to access their insurance…

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Health insurance exchanges may miss important deadline

Health insurance deadline

Health insurance exchanges are falling behind schedule in the US Throughout the U.S., health insurance exchanges are scheduled to begin open enrollment on October 1 of this year. Each state will have its own health insurance exchange in place, but many of these exchanges are likely to be managed by the federal government. The exchanges have received praise mixed with criticism since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. The federal health care law makes these exchanges mandatory in each state and has placed a deadline on when…

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