Insurance exchange in Nevada open for buying health plans

health insurance exchange

Residents of the state don’t need to wait to purchase coverage for next year, as is the case in other parts of the country.

Consumers across the United States are typically unable to purchase plans through their state or the federal insurance exchange until November 15,unless they have undergone certain qualifying life events since the start of the year, such as moving into a different state, the addition of a child to the family, or a marriage.

However, individuals who live in Nevada are already able to access their insurance marketplace to shop.

The Insurance Division in Nevada has recently sent out a reminder to residents of the state, through the media, saying that the insurance exchange in the state is available at any time. This means that people in the state do not need to wait until November 15 in order to shop for the health plan that they need for themselves and their families. Instead, they can shop at any time that they want.

The Nevada insurance exchange is the only one that allows people to be able to sign up year round.

health insurance exchangeThis marketplace is the only one that allows people to buy health insurance outside of the open enrollment of the exchange, itself. According to Jake Sunderland, a division spokesperson, “We wanted to make sure Nevadans had the opportunity to purchase insurance outside of open enrollment.” He also went on to say that “We didn’t want to end up in a place where we were forcing people to be uninsured because of circumstances out of their control when they really wanted to buy coverage.”

It is important to note that when shopping at this insurance exchange, the coverage for the health plans that are purchased will not become effective immediately. Insurance companies are allowed to require a waiting period as long as 90 days before a health plan becomes effective. This period of time has been created in order to ensure that insurers are protected against individuals who have waited to purchase their policies until they have already received a diagnosis or have experienced an injury such as a broken bone.

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