Best Healthcare System Examples From Around The World

Health Insurance

The World Health Organization evaluates international health care systems based on five criteria. Factors include the health of the overall population, care inequalities within the population and the responsiveness of the health system. The WHO additionally assesses heath care provided to the various economic levels of a population along with who covers the cost of the health system. The following countries offer some of the best health care on the planet. Switzerland The health care system of the country represents the Bismarck Model, named for its founder, Prussian Chancellor Otto…

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US Health and Life Insurance in the Next 5 Years

Life Insurance

Taking out life insurance is an important decision that provides your beneficiary with a benefit at the moment of your death. However, when it comes to thinking of the future, health care is a factor that does not only contribute to your wellness, but that will be connected to changes in life insurance terms now that the Obama administration is moving forward with the health care law. The health care law that presumes to provide equal opportunities to all American citizens to receive medical attention and get insured regardless if…

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Leading health care analyst to speak on reform at Indiana State University

Indiana State University will be hosting a presentation concerning health care reform this month. The subject of reform is often bogged down by controversy, much of which is bred from speculation. In an effort to help students understand more about what the reform really means, Scott Harrington, a health care systems and insurance and risk management professor from the University of Pennsylvania, will be discussing the issue at hand. To understand how the new health system will work, it is important to have knowledge regarding to insurance industry, and Harrington’s…

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