Health care reform law creates promising opportunities

us health insurance reform

Medical practices could face new challenges and favorable opportunities The Affordable Care Act has sparked a significant influx on new patients into the Medicaid program of some states. The law has given states the opportunity to expand their Medicaid programs in order to make insurance coverage more available to a wider range of consumers. The law has also allowed for the creation of insurance policies with high deductibles, which are sold through state insurance exchanges. For some state’s the health care reform law may be creating major revenue opportunities. Report…

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Health insurance exchange glitches threaten policies for some consumers

health insurance exchange problems

Despite the fact that many people have resubmitted their citizenship and immigration information, problems continue. More than 310,000 people across the United States were recently told that they must resubmit their citizenship or immigration documentation to the government by the end of this week in order to prove that they are eligible for the health insurance coverage that they had purchased through the state or federal exchanges, but now they are facing another threat to their protection. The glitches that remain in the site are getting in the way…

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Health care reform tax credits could impact overall refunds

health insurance disclosure tax penalty

Americans are being advised to review a bit of their tax information to make sure there will be no unwelcome surprises. Many people across the United States look forward to a tax refund, every year, but this is the first time that the credits from the health care reform will come into play, and many experts are now recommending that individuals review some of their information to make sure that they won’t be receiving less than expected – or miss out on a potential opportunity for more. Americans need to…

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Health insurance brokers in Washington D.C. are still waiting to be paid

Health Insurance funds pay

Insurance brokers have yet to be paid for the services they provided and the policies they managed to sell Months after health insurance exchanges began operating in the U.S., many professional insurance brokers are still waiting to be paid for their services. In Washington D.C., this issue is beginning to cause serious problems for these brokers. District officials had gone to great lengths to win the support of insurance brokers that were concerned for their livelihood and how it would be affected by insurance exchanges. A special website and phone…

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Health insurance subsidy more available to abused spouses through tax change

health insurance options

An alteration to the law no longer requires victims of domestic abuse to file joint taxes. The Affordable Care Act has now made a change that will make it much easier for victims of domestic violence to be able to obtain health insurance subsidies without having to file their taxes jointly. This new fix has been put into place – as has an extension in their enrollment period. The problem that caused the requirement for this change in the law surrounding subsidies for health insurance was that in order for…

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Health care reform comes under fire once again

US Health care Reform

Obama administration proposes new rule that has sparked controversy The Obama administration has made a very controversial move that has renewed the criticism surrounding federal health care reform. Late last week, the President proposed a new rule that would increase the bailout protection that insurance companies have through health insurance exchanges. The rule is designed to provide insurers with more financial security as the country adapts to the changes that health care reform has introduced to the insurance market. Those opposing the new rule suggest that it is illegal The…

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Retroactive health insurance in Maryland attracted only 9 people so far

retroactive health insurance

So far only nine people from the state have signed up for the emergency legislation option. Despite the fact that an emergency temporary retroactive health insurance legislation has been put into place to allow people in Maryland to be able to make sure that they meet the requirements of the health care reform, despite the fact that their online exchange has been faulty, at the last tally, there were only nine people who have signed up to participate in this opportunity. Near the start of the year, the expectation was…

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