SeaWorld parking lot flooding leaves guests with auto insurance nightmare

SeaWorld Parking Lot - Orca jumping at SeaWorld

Last month, a number of guests experienced flooded cars from a sudden Orlando downpour. A number of unlucky park guests returned to the SeaWorld parking lot after their visit in July only to find that they had an auto insurance struggle on their hands. Part of the lot had flooded, damaging their cars and the contents of those vehicles. Only now are they discovering what insurers will provide. The vehicle owners have been informed that they need substantial evidence to prove the cause of the damage. The vehicle owners who…

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Insurance news in Scotland looks rough for victims of floods

flood Insurance payments time

More families could be left without homeowners coverage after another week of flooding. The latest insurance news from Scotland has shown that the industry and the country’s government are struggling to come up with a deal that will cover the risk of flooding for many homeowners across the country, which could mean that a larger number of households will lose their coverage. The homes that are located within areas of a heightened risk of flooding are currently protected. That protection comes in the form of an agreement which has been…

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