Health insurance policies aren’t stopping people from using the ER

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Among the predicted benefits of the Affordable Care Act was that people would stop using this last resort care. When the Affordable Care Act went into effect, one of the advantages was supposed to be that health insurance policies would reduce the use of hospital emergency rooms. That said, despite the fact that many millions of people are now covered, they’re still headed to the ER. This is problematic as emergency room medical care is among the most expensive types of health care. The belief was that because people would…

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Fireworks safety is an important reminder for July 4

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As families across the United States get ready for the holiday celebrations, it is important to take appropriate precautions. While July 4th is easily one of the best American holidays for entertaining and celebrating with friends and family, taking a little bit of time to review the best fireworks safety procedures and practices can help to ensure that your pyrotechnics display will be memorable for all of the right reasons. Unfortunately, the trend at the moment is leading to a growing number of serious hospital visits for children. It doesn’t…

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Health insurance coverage could increase ER visits

health insurance coverage emergency room ER visits

A study has suggested that those who are newly insured may start visiting emergency rooms more often. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist has indicated that previous predictions that the reduction in the cost of heading to the ER through a rise in health insurance coverage rates would cause the number of visits to increase, have not lost their relevance. Research has now indicated that the newly insured among the poor are more likely to head to the ER. The research was conducted in the Boston area and offered evidence…

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Increase in visits to emergency rooms causes health insurance changes

A new study has indicated that Americans who have either gained new health insurance or who have lost their coverage make more emergency room visits than people who have had a continuous insured or uninsured status. The results of the study are causing some concern, as the healthcare overhaul will be requiring an additional 32 million Americans to become newly insured by 2014. At the same time, the study findings have also indicated that the number of trips to the emergency room do tend to even out when a person’s…

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