Severe weather is forcing the insurance industry to look twice at strategies

severe weather storm tree power

Following three solid years of dramatic catastrophes from storms and droughts, insurers may need to re-think underwriting. Climate change and severe weather are beginning to change the size, frequency, and nature of claims that are being faced by the insurance industry over the last four to five years, and it is reaching the point that insurers are starting to be advised by national groups to begin rethinking their underwriting strategies. The insured losses are on the rise from claims resulting from storms, flooding, and drought have been. According to the…

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Climate change is forming a broadening insurance industry struggle

climate change insurance industry

The shift away from the traditional attitude of insurers is generating considerable controversy. While the insurance industry has traditionally been a strong supporter of the principles and behaviors of free enterprise – as it is quite the business giant – as some major carriers start to evolve their positions as a result of climate change, this has generated some disagreements to build among many of their backers in congress. Skepticism regarding the science behind the global warming claims remains among many in Congress. When it comes to the insurance industry,…

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Insurance news from Kenya reveals importance of coverage for herders

Kenya farmers insurance news

Goat farmers in the African country are finding great benefit in the protection they now have against drought. Kenyan goat herders are now enjoying some very positive insurance news as a drought coverage plan that was developed by professors at Cornell is now starting to prove its worth in protecting them against unpredictable and unavoidable dry weather conditions. For most of the Kenyan farmers who now have the coverage, this is the first time that they have had protection. The last dry season was detrimental to livestock for many Kenyan…

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Crop insurance payouts may break double the previous record

private Crop Insurance

Some estimates have claimed that the payments will be greater than $25 billion. After crunching the numbers for this year’s crop insurance payments, it looks as though this coverage – which has been vital to farmers this year due to the widespread droughts and floods – it looks as though the payouts will be greater than $25 billion. This will be over twice the $10.8 billion record high that was set in 2011. This year, over 80 percent of the corn fields had crop insurance coverage. Clearly, this was significantly…

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Livestock insurance to receive a boost from USDA

livestock insurance news

Farmers to obtain additional help this year due to severe drought. Tom Vilsack, the Agriculture Secretary, has announced a number of efforts that are being made in order to help farmers who have been impacted by the worst drought that has been seen in 50 years, including alterations to the livestock insurance program. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) will modify its emergency loans. This will allow loans to be made earlier on in the season in order to allow producers to purchase livestock insurance, as well as to offset…

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