Crop insurance program is under the microscope due to droughts

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This year, America’s farmers are relying on their coverage, possibly more than ever before. The historic drought of 2012 is drawing significant attention to the federal crop insurance program that is designed to assist American farmers throughout times such as this, when natural events cause significant damage to the ability of growers to produce. As the losses on farms continue to rise, it is expected that the program will fork over $18 billion in assistance. Of that money, up to $10 billion of it will have come from taxpayers. This…

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Crop insurance changes are already assisting farmers facing drought

Crop Insurance

Dry conditions threaten agricultural yields across the country. As farmers continue to look to the skies and await the much needed rain that never seems to come, changes to the crop insurance program will now be providing some required assistance. The U.S. Department of Agriculture will be helping farmers through this time of drought. This announcement was made by U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA). He explained that “As the drought worsens, it’s imperative that Pennsylvania farmers have every tool at their disposal to cope with the possible damage.” Senator Casey…

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Agriculture groups seek more protections against severe weather with insurance safety net

Extreme weather is presenting a unique and complicated problem to the nation’s farmers. With many decrying climate change as a scientific impossibility, famers have been left handling the issue of uncommonly severe weather without a place to put the blame. In fact, most farmers do not even mention climate change when discussing the issue, focusing their concerns more on the protection of their crops and mitigating any losses they experience. This has led to a rampant increase in demand for crop insurance throughout the nation. Crop insurance can help farmers…

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Agricultural groups support crop insurance, export promotion, and research

According to a North Dakota agricultural groups spokesperson, as the groups ready themselves for federal spending cutbacks, the next federal farm bill’s top priorities should be crop insurance, export promotion, and research. State director for U.S. Senator John Hoeven (R-N.D.), Shane Goettle, explained that there will be fewer resources with which to work. He added that it is very important that they keep a steady communication regarding the farm bill’s priority as they will be responsible for deciding what will need to be cut and what must be maintained. Goettle…

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NM cattle ranchers battle new federal drought protection policy

Cattle ranchers in New Mexico are up in arms over a new federal insurance policy that they purchased under the belief that it would provide them with drought protection, but that isn’t helping them because satellites are reporting that there is still too much “greenness” in the state. The primary problem is that there isn’t any grass for the livestock to consume. In fact, this year the conditions are so devastating that cattle ranchers have been selling their animals in record numbers because they can’t afford to purchase their feed.…

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