National Flood Insurance Program continues to struggle in the US

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Federal program is still trying to resolve claims that it received 10 years ago The U.S. National Flood Insurance Program is still struggling to recover from 10 year-old claims that have yet to be resolved. Despite efforts to assist the program in its recovery, the program continues to have trouble when it comes to providing consumers with flood insurance protection and handling claims in an appropriate fashion. Many of the program’s financial issues can be traced back to Hurricane Katrina, which had a major financial impact on the U.S. as…

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Flood insurance bill is now in the President’s hands

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After having cleared Congress last Thursday, Obama is now set to sign this bill to provide relief to homeowners. President Barack Obama now has the flood insurance bill in front of him, waiting to be signed, in order to provide homeowners within higher risk neighborhoods with some relief from what could have been massive increases to their coverage premiums. This legislation, when signed, will reverse a large portion of the 2012 NFIP overhaul. The changes to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) had considerable support at the time that the…

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Flood insurance rate hike delay voted through by Senate

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As was predicted, the United States Senate has now given their approval to hold back the rising prices. Many states, particularly those with coastlines, have been expressing outrage from their homeowners as flood insurance rates have been threatening to skyrocket as a result of a law that would have forced the increases. However, the Senate has now passed a bill that would stop some of the law’s increase forcing elements. The flood insurance bill was passed with a vote of 67 to 32. This was a direct result of a…

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Flood insurance rates battle now includes another state

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Mississippi has been trying to combat the federal plans to boost the price of coverage. The intentions to increase federal flood insurance rates is currently being challenged by Mississippi, and that state is far from being alone as Louisiana, its neighbor, has now joined the others in this legal action to try to keep the cost at an affordable level. The original lawsuit was filed by Mississippi in an attempt to stop increases at the start of October. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) had announced that premiums for most…

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Flood insurance prices may ease for Tampa Bay homeowners

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Residents of the area had been expected to pay up to ten times more for coverage, but this may not be the case. Homeowners living in the Tampa Bay area who were feeling increasing concern about flood insurance prices that could soon be skyrocketing may now be breathing a great deal easier with the chance that relief may be on its way. Over the last few months, the cost of this type of coverage was sent skyward in the region. Homeowners found themselves facing flood insurance bills that they couldn’t…

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Flood insurance to be offered by Florida private insurers

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Two providers in the state have decided to work to offer cheaper alternatives to residents. There are two private flood insurance companies that have appeared to offer residents of Florida some alternatives to the skyrocketing rates under the federal program that is currently the primary option in the state. These two insurers are hoping to be able to offer the coverage for less money than residents would otherwise pay. The rates that are currently offered under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) are rising higher and two insurers – the…

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Flood insurance premiums spike has strangled home values

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The cost of the coverage has skyrocketed upward by seven times and is holding real estate hostage. Following the rewriting by U.S. Congress of the federal flood insurance program, the monthly premiums that are paid by over 1 million homeowners in the United States are now slated to rise considerably. The result of this increase in cost for covering the homes has had a large impact on the real estate market. Due to the higher cost of flood insurance coverage in certain large areas, which has meant that the price…

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