The average auto insurance customer hasn’t switched companies since 2003

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According to recent research, one in every three drivers has not shopped around at all for a policy. A recent study was conducted by, which has now issued its results in a report that showed that the average American driver hasn’t changed the auto insurance provider covering their vehicle in over a decade. In fact, the average length of time since the last change in insurance companies was 12 years, said the report. Furthermore, about one quarter of all drivers have been sticking with the same auto insurance company…

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Auto insurance industry in the UK could bring comparison sites to an end

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This could cause a considerable shakeup, all stemming from a report published by a watchdog. The types of exclusive auto insurance deals that have been established between insurers in the United Kingdom and price comparison websites could soon be eliminated following the ruling of a competition regulator within that country that decided that these deals were not helping drivers and should, therefore, be prohibited. The decision of the regulator was one among several measures recommended made by a watchdog report. The Competition and Markets Authority produced an auto insurance report,…

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Auto insurance becomes Walmart’s next business

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Ever expanding into every industry, the retail giant has now stepped into selling vehicle coverage. Walmart has announced that it is stepping into the auto insurance business in what it calls its expanding effort to ensure that consumers are always paying the lowest prices for everything that they need. This, according to a recent news announcement that was made by the retailer. The largest retailer in the world has revealed its partnership with, which is a website that provides price comparisons and policy shopping services. That site was formed…

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Auto insurance shoppers using Firefox find cheaper rates

Auto insurance customer satisfaction falls in US

Depending on the web browser you use, you could be paying more or less for your coverage. While a web browser may appear to have very little to do with auto insurance rates, a recent study has shown that the choice consumers make regarding the browser that they use can often determine how much they will pay for the same amount of coverage. A recent analysis comparing rates obtained and browser revealed some striking patterns. The study was conducted in honor of National Insurance Day, which fell on June 28,…

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Auto insurance prices vary widely from one state to the next

Auto Insurance discounts

The states that have the most and least expensive premiums have been revealed by a recent study. It is no mystery that where a driver lives will have a notable influence over what he or she will pay for auto insurance coverage, but a recent study has now identified the states that have the most and least expensive coverage, and there is a vast difference between them. Even with a perfect driving record, location of residence can play a tremendous role in what is paid. For instance, in Louisiana, drivers…

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