Wilkes-Barre tornado victims get helpful tips and advice from Allstate

Wilkes-Barre tornado - Tornado Damage

The insurer reached out to residents of the township to offer them safety and coverage tips. Allstate issued some important advice to those affected by the Wilkes-Barre tornado last week. It reminded customers that their safety should come before anything else when returning home. Homeowners may be keen to assess possible damage, but Allstate reminds them to be cautious. The Wilkes-Barre tornado caused notable damage to the township. That said, the Allstate report reminds customers that when they return home, the damage may create unexpected dangers. Therefore, homeowners should first…

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Home insurance policies should be reviewed as holiday shopping begins

homeowners home insurance policies christmas holidays

Even before the Christmas tree goes up, coverage should be consulted to be sure it’s enough. The last thing a homeowner wants to do is to make a claim on home insurance policies over the holiday season. However, this coverage can play an integral role in putting things right if the worst should happen. The risks of peril and of loss usually spike over the holidays. Therefore, homeowners are being advised to make sure the coverage they have is enough for their needs. Burning candles, piles of gifts, icy sidewalks…

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Allstate home insurance is getting cheaper in California

allstate homeowners home insurance rates

The insurer and the state commissioner have agreed to reduce the rates for homeowners coverage. Dave Jones, the California Insurance Commissioner, has now come to an agreement with Allstate Insurance Company and Allstate Indemnity Insurance in order to decrease the rates being paid by home insurance customers in the state. In fact, the homeowners insurance rates for California Allstate customers will drop by an average of 12.6 percent. For Californians who have home insurance through Allstate, this decision represents a decrease of an average of $230, each. The reduction in…

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First quarter proves rough for insurance industry, but Allstate manages to stay on top

Allstate Insurance news industry

Allstate reports that it has performed well during the first quarter of 2014 Allstate, one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S., has reported promising results from the past quarter. The company had expected the last quarter to be somewhat grim in terms of profits, but Allstate has performed quite well in light of several problematic issues that have emerged throughout the U.S. over the past quarter. The company’s property and auto insurance business segments were particularly successful despite a relatively dubious market. Insurer’s premiums grew by 4% in…

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Allstate eyes return to homeowners insurance business

Homeowners Insurance

Allstate beginning to make changes to business plan Allstate, one of the largest insurance companies in the U.S., is looking to get back into the homeowners insurance business. CEO Tom Wilson has announced that the company is working to improve customer loyalty after consolidating several independent agencies, acquiring smaller insurance providers, and a rate increase spree. Part of this effort is to begin expanding its flagging homeowners insurance business, which has shrunk by more than 1 million policies over the last four years. Homeowners insurance business may yield high returns…

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Allstate sees 46 percent revenue increase in 2012 first quarter

Allstate Insurance company news

The insurer experienced significant improvements in its home and auto markets. Allstate Corp. has announced that the net income for the first quarter of 2012 had increased by approximately 46 percent to $766 million, in a news release from the company. The chief executive officer of the insurer, Thomas J. Wilson, stated that the strategy of the carrier for improving their margins in the homeowners and auto insurance sectors had been paying off. The property-liability segment at Allstate generated a $523 million underwriting profit within that quarter This was notably…

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Allstate to launch new homeowner’s insurance products throughout the U.S.

In October of last year, Allstate launched a new line of homeowner’s insurance products in Oklahoma called House & Home. The company’s initiative was met with success and now the insurer is gearing up to launch these products in various states through 2014. The products became popular amongst consumers because it provided them with a sleuth of discounts and new deductible and coverage options. The insurer has also introduced a more simplified quoting process that uses external information to fill out applications more quickly. As Allstate introduces these new insurance…

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