Alabama health insurance rates under scrutiny for first time since ACA

Alibama Health Insurance Costs

The state has not undergone this process since it first implemented the Affordable Care Act. Alabama health insurance companies will face a new wave of scrutiny from state regulators when they seek to increase the rates they charge in 2017. This is the first time they will have undergone scrutiny for rate changes since the insurance exchange launched there in 2013. Obamacare’s regulations were meant to encourage states to implement insurance rate reviewing systems. The purpose of the reviews is to provide states with a means by which to consider…

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Health insurance companies are withdrawing from many U.S. markets

health insurance company online exchange

A number of insurers have been stepping out of a number of areas they have deemed to be unprofitable. The Affordable Care Act may be experiencing a shift in the health insurance companies that are continuing to participate in some marketplaces next year, particularly when it comes to those selling plans in rural areas. This may leave the residents of certain areas with health plan options from a single insurance company in 2017. According to state regulators, the online insurance exchanges that are central to the ACA in Alaska and…

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Health insurance deductibles in Alabama will soon be higher

Alibama Health Insurance Costs

Consumers have expressed concern over their ability to afford to use the coverage they’ve purchased. Residents of Alabama have been voicing frustrations over an upcoming increase to the deductibles they pay out of their own pockets for health insurance they’ve purchased under the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. They have stated that the combination of higher premiums and deductibles are making coverage less affordable. The premiums being paid for health insurance in Alabama increased by an average of 28.3 percent over the last year. This was tough on many…

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Health insurance rates may be going up in Alabama

Health insurance rates

Insurers seek rate increases Health insurance premiums for policies sold through the Alabama exchange could be rising by a significant margin. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, which sells policies through the exchange, is requesting a rate increase averaging 28%. This rate increase would affect individual plans. For the Blue Choice Platinum – Individual plan that the insurer offers, rates could go up as much as 71%. The rate increases are expected to affect some 175,000 people. Average cost of UnitedHealthcare plans could grow by 24.5% Another insurer is also…

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More health insurance options are coming to Alabama

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New policies are expected to be made available through state’s exchange later this year Alabama residents are set to have more options when it comes to purchasing insurance coverage through the state’s exchange later this year. The Alabama Department of Insurance has announced that United Healthcare has submitted plans to participate in the state’s exchange. These plans are currently being reviewed and are expected to be sold through the exchange during the next open enrollment period, which will begin on November 15 of this year. United Healthcare wants to participate…

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Entirety of Alabama to be covered by health insurance exchange

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Whole of Alabama could be covered by health insurance plans The entirety of Alabama is expected to be covered by the state’s health insurance exchange when it becomes operational at the beginning of 2014. The state’s exchange system is to be managed by the federal government, but state officials have been fielding proposals from health insurance companies concerning the policies that will be available through the exchange. Several of these insurers have come forward with expansive health insurance plans, with a few even offering to provide coverage to the entirety…

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Health insurance coverage available in every Alabama county

Alabama Health Insurance

The state has announced that it will have plans available through its exchange for all of its regions. Alabama has announced that no counties will be left out of its health insurance exchange, which will be federally operated, because there have been proposed plans put forward by three different companies, two of which are willing to provide coverage to the entire state. This has left Alabama in a better situation than some of the other states located nearby. Both United Healthcare and the largest health insurance provider in the state,…

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Alabama State Employees Insurance Board facing “fiscal cliff”

Alabama Employees Insruance

State Employees Insurance Board foresees problems with the Affordable Care Act Alabama is facing a serious “fiscal cliff,” according to William Ashmore, CEO of the State Employees Insurance Board. Ashmore’s concerns largely revolve around the Affordable Care Act and what impact it may have on the health insurance being provided to employees of the state. Next year, the law is expected to enact new changes to the health insurance market, with some of those changes targeting the health insurance plans of state workers. These changes are expected to bring about…

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Alabama health insurance exchange nixed

Health Insurance rates and care

Alabama health insurance exchange plans put to rest by Governor Bentley Alabama will not build its own health insurance exchange, according to Governor Robert Bentley. The Governor released a short press release this week detailing his views on the exchange program and why the state will not build its own. The state is required to host a health insurance exchange per the Affordable Care Act. The state can, of course, opt out of building its own exchange, but the federal government will be responsible for building the Alabama health insurance…

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Alabama’s SEHIP may be facing economic troubles

Employees Health Insurance Plan

SEHIP executives predict financial turmoil for 2013 fiscal year The Alabama State Employee’s Health Insurance Plan (SEHIP) may be heading for economic turmoil.  SEHIP executives announced this week that they expect the insurance program to spend more money than it collects in the 2013 fiscal year. The plan currently covers 51,000 active and retired public workers, giving them access to affordable health insurance coverage. If the plan faces economic troubles in the future, the cost of the coverage it provides to these consumers may become more expensive, if it is…

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