Russian government tries to improve road safety with augmented reality

International Insurance NewsLawmakers and auto insurers worldwide have turned their attention to Russia, where the government has chosen to take advantage of some of the latest forms of technology in order to attempt to manage the growing traffic collision problems that have been occurring in Moscow of late.

The top officials in the country will be using technology such as augmented reality in order to raise awareness. A new Russian Ministry of Transport has created a mobile app that uses augmented reality to spread awareness of safety. The methods have been deemed rather somber, instead of the comparatively neutral tactic of simply teaching road rules. The app shows smartphone and tablet users the locations of car accidents in which people have died.

Moscow is currently a hectic auto insurance environment where hundreds of accidents are occurring every day. What the government is realizing is that there are many crashes that everyday motorists fail to see, and therefore they do not recognize that there is a real problem. That said, these accidents do not fail to be documented.

It is this information that is used with augmented reality in order to show drivers what has previously occurred within their present area. The app overlays cartooned scenes that represent the circumstances of accidents that have already occurred there.

Though the image shown using augmented reality begins quite tamely, it is then followed with video coverage and graphic photos of the events as they occurred. The government is attempting to use this approach to aggressively improve road safety. The goal is to use the app to teach pedestrian and drivers valuable safety lessons.

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