Mobile insurance claims are taking a while to catch on with consumers

Mobile insurance claims

J.D. Power data shows insurer apps aren’t rapidly taking off among policyholders filing for payments. Mobile insurance claims aren’t very popular among policyholders, says J.D. Power data. Even though auto insurance companies across the country have launched massive advertising campaigns, consumers are still slow to adopt the tech. As much as mobile insurance apps are being used more frequently, that isn’t the case for making claims. J.D. Power released its 2017 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. Within it, the firm indicated that the slow adoption of mobile insurance claims technology…

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Could a smartphone app soon be as important as auto insurance to drivers?

land rover sport mobile app auto insurance

Will there one day be a time when a mobile device battery will be a critical part of a daily commute? The latest mobile trends are starting to make their way into the territory of driving and auto insurance to an increasing degree, as electronic proof of coverage cards are allowed in the majority of states, and now Range Rover has announced that a smartphone app can drive one of its vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover is currently testing an SUV that can be controlled by way of a smartphone application.…

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Apple and IBM launch an app that could help the insurance industry

mhealth watch insurance industry

New application could be a valuable tool for insurance companies that want to engage mobile consumers The insurance industry may benefit from better mobile apps that can engage consumers that are becoming more reliant on mobile technology. As such, IBM and Apple have partnered to introduce their new Retention application, which may be the first of many apps that begin to emerge in the insurance sector. The partnership is meant to leverage the strengths of both IBM and Apple, providing the industry with better mobile solutions to engage consumers. Retention…

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Is insurance technology the key to health plan enrollment of the “invincible” youth?

Cell Phone Insurance technology

Kentucky is using a mobile app called Kynect to try to reach more young people and encourage them to sign up. Officials in Kentucky are using insurance technology over mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in order to try to be able to better reach young people and encourage them to enroll in health plans. The Kynect smartphone app launched with the insurance exchange in the state on Saturday. The Kynect mobile app represents some of the latest in insurance technology, in the hopes of appealing to younger demographics…

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