eQuoteMD Hits Sales Milestone in Number of Physicians Served

eQuoteMD Medical Malpractice Insurance

eQuoteMD Medical Malpractice InsuranceA unique, dedicated broker service helps physicians find medical malpractice insurance.

St. Louis, MO April 09, 2013: As an online service providing quotes for medical malpractice insurance to physicians, eQuoteMD has achieved a milestone in both the number of physicians served and total premium volume sold.

The website, launched only two years ago, has helped thousands of physicians with quotes, policy comparisons, and insurance coverage for malpractice risks. Company executives credit the success to the combination of the ease of use for the customer, collaboration with industry experts, and the compilation of the best information available all in one place.

Since its establishment in January 2011, eQuoteMD has helped over 4,500 physicians from all 50 states find solutions to their medical malpractice and professional liability insurance needs. From those interactions brokers have sold insurance products totaling over $10,000,000 in policy premiums.

“We are very proud of the success of eQuoteMD because it means we are providing a needed service for physicians and other healthcare providers,” commented eQuote’s COO, Brian Dames.

“A few years ago we recognized that doctors, like most consumers, were starting to become more comfortable shopping for insurance on the Internet. So we built our website with the idea of becoming a resource for the healthcare community. We are more than just a place to get a quote – we provide solid, accurate information to help physicians make an educated decision about this important insurance coverage,” Dames said.

Making the website easy for any kind of user was one of the top priorities when it was being designed. Whether a physician just wants a quote the quickest and easiest way possible, or to gather information about medical malpractice insurance in another state, or to speak to a licensed broker over the phone who can answer technical questions about coverage, eQuoteMD provides quality service for any type of customer.

One physician recently remarked: “Malpractice insurance premiums have always been a struggle for me as a surgeon. After finding eQuoteMD and using their service I was amazed at their ability to find me lower rates in the state of Florida without me having to do the searching.”

Many physicians are not experts in malpractice insurance. That’s why eQuoteMD takes the work out of it. eQuoteMD has professional brokers with years of experience that help physicians find the right policy at the best rate.

About eQuoteMD

A group of medical malpractice insurance specialists created and developed eQuoteMD.com, an independent, web-based referral service for healthcare providers. With over 100 years of combined
experience in the medical professional liability insurance industry, the professionals at eQuoteMD have put together one of the largest collections of medical malpractice insurance information and the largest network of malpractice insurance carriers in the nation.

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