National Western Life and Prosperity Life insurance companies to merge

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The insurers issued a joint statement that they had just inked a $1.9 billion cash merger agreement. National Western Life Group, Inc. and Prosperity Life Group, have announced that a definitive Merger Agreement has been signed between them. This will involve the acquisition of National Western by an affiliate of Prosperity Life Group. Oe of Prosperity Life Group’s affiliates, the S. USA Life Insurance Company, Inc., will be acquiring National Western. The deal between the insurance companies will be entirely in cash in a transaction valued at about $1.9 billion.…

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$52 million in life insurance benefits recovered in Colorado

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The state’s Consumer Services Team from the Division of Insurance recovered the money. The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies’ (DORA) Division of Insurance (DOI) has recovered a substantial amount of life insurance benefits money over the last few months. The DOI received three complaints since November 2022, leading to $4.5 million in found benefits. Beyond the money recovered from the investigation that occurred following the complaints, another $48 million in benefits have been found in Colorado from the Life Insurance Lost Policy Locator. The benefits recovered in November 2022 following…

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State Farm rolls out its new life insurance app for its customers

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The Life Enhanced application was developed to help provide customers with personalized guidance. State Farm recently announced that it has rolled out a new life insurance app called Life Enhanced, which uses technology to provide customers with simple, personalized guidance and motivation. The application provides customers with a range of information, resources and tools. Life insurance customers at State Farm can use the app to set wellness goals, learn about a range of wellbeing topics, and discover ways to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. It has become increasingly popular…

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Understanding the Role of Life Insurance Agents: A Comprehensive Overview

life insurance agents and what they do

Navigating Life’s Uncertainties: The Critical Role of Life Insurance Agents Life insurance is a complex and often misunderstood financial product. At its core, life insurance offers a safety net, protecting policyholders and their loved ones from financial hardship in the wake of unexpected events. As such, the role of a life insurance agent is paramount in guiding individuals through these complexities and uncertainties, offering personalized advice and peace of mind. This article delves into the key aspects of the life insurance agent’s role and the unique value they bring to…

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How Whole Life Insurance Can Support Your Retirement Goals

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When you, as a young working individual, think of retirement, what do you envision? A life where you no longer have to work and can simply enjoy all the comforts of home and family? Or maybe you see yourself exploring the world? The opportunities are endless, at least for you who’s yet to retire. However, the reality for those who have already bid farewell to their professional lives and entered retirement is completely different.  A recent Allianz poll shows that 61 percent of Americans worry more about running out of…

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