Jobs for veterans continue to be plentiful in the insurance industry

Jobs for veterans in the insurance industry

Insurers have long favored vets both as new hires and as a focus of charitable donations.

The insurance industry has been in favor of offering jobs for veterans for many years. Various property and casualty insurance companies frequently focus their charitable support efforts on this group, as well.

There are many reasons that insurers have opened their doors and their arms to American vets.

According to Chubb-owned Combined Insurance’s director of sales training, Glenn Elmore, many insurers feel this is an important group that has earned their support. “I think that by giving back to those folks, in return hopefully we get more military veterans as employees,” he said.

In that way, it appears that the insurance industry finds it easier to provide jobs for veterans when they are already known for supporting them through charitable efforts. Combined Insurance is only one of a number of insurers currently hiring veterans. In fact, Elmore is a veteran and understands the experience of transitioning to civilian life. He was required to do so after having been a U.S. Navy gunner’s mate first class as well as a rescue swimmer between 1998 and 2007.

As the number of jobs for veterans are filled, it only boosts the personal drive to support other vets through charity.

Jobs for veterans in the insurance industryThat said, insurance companies have recognized the difference between their charity work and their hiring. Insurance jobs aren’t just handed to vets out of charity. Instead, those employees are often favored because they are disciplined, accustomed to structure and have been trained for high-level achievement.

Those qualities make many veterans a solid match for insurance industry jobs. Moreover, vets are also typically quite adaptable as a result of their service experience. “They’re very comfortable in a changing, new environment,” said Elmore. “When you’re in the military, you go someplace new every three years, aside from all deployments in-between.”

Considering the current changing nature of the insurance industry with respect to laws, climate change and other ever-evolving factors, adaptability is highly attractive in an employee. Insurance companies have felt this way since the early part of the 20th century. They have been posting jobs for veterans since that time as a way to strengthen their workforce for top performance and to keep ahead of the competition.

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