California landslides cause millions in damage to celebrity homes

California mudslide landslide insurance

Demi Lovato’s new Los Angeles house was rendered unfit for occupancy before she ever moved in.

California landslides have been wreaking havoc for homeowners, including certain top celebs. The massive downpours have been desperately needed by the state. Droughts and wildfires have plagued Californians. That said, as the dry land is quenched some areas have become unstable.

The pop singer had yet to move into her new $8.3 million home when it was struck by a mudslide.

Twenty four year old Levato’s home is in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood. Before she was able to move in, one of the most recent California landslides broke loose from the neighbor’s property above hers. Five homes, including the 2017 Grammy nominee’s, were evacuated. According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the mudslide sent about 20 tons of earth down that hill.

Much of the shifted earth was piled into the singer’s driveway. Had she already moved in, her cars would have been buried and she would have been blocked into her home. In fact, several people living in the area found themselves in just that situation. Their driveways and doorways were blocked and rescue workers had to help them to get out. Beyond the four other neighbors who were evacuated, hundreds of residents in the area found themselves without power.

Still, the Los Angeles Fire Department said these California landslides could have “been much worse.”

California landslides mudslide insuranceThe department’s spokesperson, Erik Scott, explained that “We have predominantly backyards that are affected.” Though this is good news on the whole, it certainly doesn’t correct the damage to Lovato’s home.

A Department of Building and Safety representative has issued a “red tag” to her new three story, four bedroom home. The singer purchased the property back in September and it now dons a tag on the door removing permission to enter the home as the dwelling has been deemed unsafe to inhabit.

This was in part due to the existing damage and in part a result of the risk of further California landslides from above her on the hill. Additional celebrities affected by mudslides in the Laurel Canyon area included Pharrell Williams, Jared Leto, Bruno Mars and George Clooney, among others. As landslide insurance, like earthquake insurance, is not included in standard homeowners coverage, it can only be hoped that these celebs have been properly advised regarding the coverage they need to protect their properties.

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  1. Gustavo Martinez

    We experienced something similar situation in Puerto Rico where a section of a housing area in the eastern side of the island suffered a landslide and several homes were damaged. There was no landslide insurance coverage available and a complete section is closed.

  2. Gustavo Martinez

    Does anyone know if FHA or another entity that guarantees property loans required landslide insurance coverage as hazard insurance in properties financed by them. Do anyone know of a carrier willing to provide this coverage in Puerto Rico? Appreciate if someone contact me directly. Thanks Gustavo Martinez

  3. Wayne Knapp

    Hopefully, some of that 8.3 million went for an architect who, hopefully, has E&O insurance.

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