MedOrion announces first US health plans HBM software platform

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The announcement created a new insurance category for the Rise National conference today.

MedOrion has announced that it has developed the first AI-based Health Behavior Management (HBM) platform for US-based health plans.

The company specializes in guiding members toward better medical and wellness decisions.

The platform helps health plans to better understand the concerns and motivators of their members, embedding them into every component of their business. The SaaS AI platform breaks complex real world data, member behavior, and healthcare environmental changes down into usable information. This way, it can be used for positive, individually relevant and persuasive communications in addition to supporting long-term strategic planning, improved analytics, and financial and health outcomes.

To achieve better outcomes, plans have been pouring massive resources into member wellness management. Along with high operational costs, less than ideal health behaviors considerable raise the risk of poor outcomes among members. Broader access to healthcare services an information combined with current tech innovations means that there are elements aside from individual medical considerations with greater complexity than has ever been the case.

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The platform is meant to help enhance the capacity to spot concerns of members of health plans at scale.

The existing solutions are limited in their ability to do this. Furthermore, their strategies are focused exclusively on communications and therefore frequently become harmful to the member experience.

The HBM solution from MedOrion makes it possible to move away from outsourced member-engagement services and toward an end-to-end self-service digital solution concentrating on real long-term behavioral improvements. In this way, it is forming a new healthcare category in this segment.

This platform makes it possible for health plans to process ownership, prioritize governance, and ensure full member experience visibility at all times. This way, they will be able to pivot as needed to make certain that members experience improved wellness and relationship. The system conducts an analysis of the claims of every member, their clinical and demographic data, bringing together social determinants of health (SDoH) to offer insight into individual concerns with respect to a spectrum of measures including vaccines, medications, and cancer screening. AI is applied to behavioral science to spot the most relevant personalized barriers to action.

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