Health insurance exchange sparks drama in Ohio

Ohio Health Insurance Exchange

Ohio Health Insurance ExchangeMystery surrounds state’s health insurance exchange

In roughly five months, the health insurance exchange in Ohio will begin enrolling residents throughout the states. Approximately 540,000 people are expected to receive coverage through the program, which will be run by the federal government. The problem is that the health insurance exchange is something of a mystery, even to state officials. This is partly due to the fact that the federal government will be in charge of the exchange and the government has not been forthcoming with the particulars of how the exchange will be operating.

Funding proves to be a major issue

Earlier this month, the federal government announced that it will be spending more than $54 million in prevention and public health and wellness initiatives in order to promote health insurance coverage and awareness throughout the country. Some $2.2 million has been allotted to Ohio for this endeavor. The funds will help promote the various aspects of the impending health insurance exchange among the state’s populace, as well as acquire several insurance navigators that are meant to help consumers find the coverage appropriate for them. The federal government has remained somewhat dubious concerning the reasoning behind the amount of money it is offering Ohio, which has caused some concern among lawmakers.

Ohio receives significantly less money for its efforts

Ohio is receiving significantly less money for its health insurance exchange efforts than other states. California, for instance, is set to make use of $49 million in federal funding to promote the exchange that it is building and plans to operate. This exchange will function in the same way Ohio’s will, but Ohio is receiving significantly less funding for its own promotion and awareness initiatives. According to Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage, a project associated with the Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio, the funding offered by the federal government will simply not be enough.

Lawmakers seek out answers

State lawmakers have begun showing concerns that the federally-run health insurance exchange will be woefully underfunded. This could present significant problems for the exchange in the future and could limit its ability to provide comprehensive health insurance coverage. Another problem that lawmakers are having regards the aloof nature with which the federal government is treating the issue. Lawmakers have yet to receive adequate answers to the questions they have concerning the state’s health insurance exchange.

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