Health insurance education sessions to be hosted by UnitedHealthcare

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Insurer aims to dispel the confusion that surrounds health insurance coverage

The East Central Regional Enrollment Network, which provides assistance for those interested in enrolling in both private and public health insurance plans, has announced that UnitedHealthcare, one of the nation’s largest insurance providers, will be offering education opportunities. The insurer will be hosting educational sessions concerning the policies it offers through the Wisconsin health insurance exchange. The sessions are meant to dispel confusion among consumers and ensure that they have the information they need in order to acquire the best insurance coverage for their situation.

Education sessions will be held every month through the end of the year

These sessions will be held every month through the end of the year. UnitedHealthcare representatives will answer questions concerning health care networks, how to select medical care providers, and the difference between premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Many consumers are still confused when it comes to insurance terminology, especially when it comes to deductibles. The sessions may provide consumers with a chance to become more knowledgeable about health insurance, which could improve their ability to find appropriate coverage.

Many consumers have unanswered questions about their health insurance coverage

health insurance cost medicalAccording to Hilary Neste, a coordinator with the East Central Regional Enrollment Network, many of those that enroll in health insurance exchanges have questions about the coverage that they have received. Consumers typically do not ask questions while they are enrolling for coverage, though information about the health plans they are interested in is readily available. The confusion among consumers can lead to some problems, as consumers could be unaware of what their policies do not provide coverage for.

Education could help consumers understand what insurance policies suit their needs the best

Dispelling the confusion surrounding health insurance coverage could be a major benefit for consumers. Understanding deductibles and how out-of-pocket expenses work can help consumers find the best insurance policies that suit their needs, particularly financially. UnitedHealthcare is offering phone support for those that are unable to attend the education sessions in person, as well.

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