Health care reform enrollments met January targets

Obama reacting to the health care reform in 2010

Last month represented the first time since the exchanges opened in October that signups met expectations.

It is no secret that the health care reform had a rocky start, but now that the numbers are in for January, the success of the insurance exchanges seems to be picking up as the number of people who have enrolled is now finally meeting the targets that have been set by officials.

The federal and state exchanges have now brought coverage to a total of about 3.3 million Americans.

Obama reacting to the health care reform in 2010Across the United States, there were about 1.2 million additional people who added their enrollments to the health care reform data as they enrolled for their insurance plans through the new exchanges opened by their states or the federal government. The number in January was, in fact, even greater than the figures that had been anticipated by federal officials at the end of last summer, even before the disastrous opening months of the online marketplaces.

This latest health care reform data was issued by the Obama administration as a part of a detailed report.

The report was designed to provide clearer insight into the progress that is being made to bring health insurance to a larger number of Americans across the country. According to that report, January brought a month in which serious computer defects finally did not hinder enrollment for the first time since the exchanges opened on October 1, 2013. Those glitches and bugs caused serious struggles, particularly to the federal marketplace.

That said, there is still a lingering echo of the struggles that were initially faced by the marketplaces, but it appears as though this is no longer greatly hindering their ability to bring health insurance to Americans. Overall, the total of 3.3 million people means that there is about 1 million fewer people enrolled than had been the hope of federal official by the end of the first month of this year.

However, the month of January, itself, performed better for the health care reform and analysts are now predicting that progress is certainly being made toward reaching the most possible people by the end of the next enrollment period on March 31.

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