Court rules mandatory health insurance is not fair

Court rules mandatory health insurance is not fair

The latest in health care reform has come to a head with a recently announced Virginia court ruling against forced placed health insurance.

This being the first of the lawsuits to rule against the government making American’s purchase health insurance – two other courts have ruled in favor of the mandate. Per a survey conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation, this key factor in Obama’s health care reform is also frowned upon by 7 out of 10 Americans as well.

Forced placed health coverage was once opposed by a campaigning Obama but once in office, Democrats preferred the idea, swaying him to advocacy. The portion most disagree with in the fine that citizens will be forced to pay in the event that they don’t purchase coverage – many say this is unconstitutional.

Although, health industry officials argue that rates will increase significantly due to the majority of insured will be unhealthy and the healthy will go without coverage until needed. “Without everyone in the health insurance market, costs will increase, people with preexisting conditions will continue to be shut out of coverage, and insured Americans will continue paying for those who don’t get coverage,” said Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of health and human services.

Others state that reform could still be effective without fining people. Pointing out the fines are much less than having insurance anyway – making it more appealing for healthy American’s to opt out. In fact, some studies hint to minor changes within the reform act could solve these problems, like conducting open enrollment to low cost exchange plans only once a year, helping to curb the “only as needed” purchase.

The challenge is clear – critics and proponents of the law both predict this ultimately will have to be decided by the Supreme Court.

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