Allstate artificial intelligence brings customer support to a new level

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The insurer is using the Amelia AI tool from IPsoft to provide its U.S. call center teams with assistance.

Amelia, the new Allstate artificial intelligence tech, has joined the insurer’s customer support teams across the United States. The AI tech involves the use of a cutting edge platform from IPsoft, a New York based tech company.

Amelia now uses her AI platform to assist call center staff members in boosting their customer experience.

The Allstate artificial intelligence platform was initially deployed as a test in September 2017. Before and since that time, the use of AI has steadily grown in the insurance industry, as has been reported by Live Insurance News. Since it first launched the test of the Amelia platform, Allstate has used it as a part of over 3 million customer conversations.

The Amelia artificial intelligence technology provides assistance through an instant message interface. Through this option, Amelia has provided human call center employees with guidance through their conversations. The guidance is offered by way of step-by-step procedures for answering a spectrum of customer questions. Question topics include everything from specific policyholder information to general policy details.

The Amelia Allstate artificial intelligence technology is becoming increasingly important to the insurer.

“Amelia is quickly becoming an important component of our customer service strategy,” said Carla Zuniga, Senior Vice President at the insurer as quoted in an Allstate news release. “She provides our call center personnel with the information and procedures they need to address our customers’ questions and concerns.”

Amelia’s capability for machine learning makes it possible for her to boost her customer question answering ability. She does this by “listening” to interactions, including those she does not understand. With the help of Allstate experts, she rapidly broadens her own knowledge.

In this way, Amelia has become an artificial intelligence colleague for the customer service reps working in Allstate call centers. At the time the press release was issued, she could assist and learn within over 40 various topics important to the insurance company customer service. This can provide new representatives with considerably improved information support to shorten the need for longer training times.

Allstate Artificial Intelligence - AI - Brain - Think - TechnologyNow the Allstate artificial intelligence colleague can assist employees throughout the company – not just those in call centers – with industry regulation compliance. For example, Amelia can offer info about the proper procedure for call center reps to handle policyholder changes in certain states where regulations are different. In this way, employees will know precisely whom among their colleagues are licensed to assist, so that the session can be passed to that individual and the policyholder’s needs can be efficiently met.

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