Workers Compensation Bureau issues advice for National Safety Month

workers compensation safety month

Employees who work outdoors are reminded to pay attention to the risks to which they are exposed.

As summer gets ever nearer, the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) has issued a reminder to employees who work outdoors to recognize National Safety Month and take precautions against the various exposures to the elements that their jobs entail.

The National Safety Month runs throughout the length of June and is sponsored by the National Safety Council.

The workers compensation bureau in the state is reminding employees of the impact that issues such as heat can have on them. It has underscored some very simple and yet highly important steps for making sure that the heat won’t lead to health struggles. Hydrate, cover, and rest are the primary focus points of the BWC’s advice.

workers compensation safety monthThe Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation feels that these reminders are very important as days get hotter.

According to the CEO and Administrator of the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, Steve Buehrer, “We want to bring attention to this important issue as the summer days heat up. Working in the heat can be so dangerous.” He added that “The good news is that injuries or even deaths are preventable if employers and workers take the time to become familiar with warning signs and know how to respond.”

The heat from the summertime is especially dangerous to employees whose jobs take them outside. Heat illness becomes one of the most serious risks and is a common workers compensation insurance claim. Data from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration indicates that thousands of Americans fall ill on the job as a result of exposure to excessive heat. Last year, there were over 30 deaths attributed to working in high heat conditions.

Therefore, throughout the month of June, the BWC is hoping to reduce the instances of heat illness and the workers compensation claims associated with them in honor of National Safety Month, by distributing bottles of water and tip cards to people who work in situations with the greatest risk of heat illness, such as road and construction workers. The goal is to provide education that will lead to adequate prevention measures.

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