Will insurers be the next motivator for quitting smoking?

Insurance companies have put forward a proposal to charge a higher premium for covering smokers as a new form of motivator for individuals to quit their cigarette habit.

WalMart is among the organizations spearheading this effort to make it more expensive for smokers to obtain health insurance coverage. However, whether or not it is right for medical insurance to make this choice is just as important as whether or not people will actually take control over their own health risks and stop their smoking habit.

According to Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis, the evidence from clinical and other research studies is very clear. It is possible for people to take command of their lives and decrease the “likelihood that they will suffer from cancer, heart disease, pulmonary disorders or other disorders by merely stopping their habit of smoking.”

Though it may not be possible to decide whether or not you will get cancer, it is possible to stop one of the leading risk factors contributing to the develoquitting smokingpment of the condition.

Dr. Francis is the author of “KISS Away Those Cigarettes”, and provides individuals who want to quit smoking with video assistance through their capability for being hypnotized to help them to obtain the motivation they need to quit smoking successfully.

She said that the mind is capable of allowing us to take on habits that aren’t good for our health, but equally, the mind has the power to allow us to develop habits that will make it easier for the body to live longer and maintain good health.

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