Why men pay more for car insurance than women

man n woman 400 wideStudies that women are paying less for car insurance than are men. It appears to the difference in premiums has more to do driving records than with gender, however. Although the average indicates that women pay less, it might not always be the case.

According to InsWeb Corporation, the average car insurance rate is 9% lower for woman than it is for men.  The important thing to remember with averages is that the percentage rates can be substantially higher or lower.

Studies have also shown that when women are listed as the primary drivers on policies, it is less likely that there are multiple drivers or multiple vehicles listed on their car insurance policy. This is usually the case with single mothers, where there is only one car in the household. It has been found that women are less likely to take risks while driving.

Women traditionally have fewer moving violations on their driving records. Women are about 10% less likely than men to have a moving violation. They are also almost 50% less likely to have a DUI/DWI (Driving under the Influence/Driving While Intoxicated) on their driving record than men are.

To learn more about car insurance rates, you can visit insweb.com.  They also have an Auto Insurance Learning center you can see how rates are determined.  You can also visit their car insurance quote form to compare quotes from the top national carriers. They have the resources to help you make the best car insurance decisions.

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