Travel insurance terrorist coverage receives attention from Olympics visitors

Olympic Park

Olympic Park

Tourists are encouraged to get to know exactly what is covered by their policies.

A tremendous number of tourists are flocking to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics, with travel insurance policies galore, but as much as they may feel covered, it has drawn attention to the question of whether or not they are protected against terrorism.

The Olympics are, unfortunately, no stranger to acts of terrorism.

The crowds of spectators, coaches, and athletes present a possible target to individuals and groups who seek to wreak havoc and bring danger to the many people who have traveled to the British capital to watch the various events.

This fact has caused many people to begin asking questions regarding travel insurance coverage.

People want to know if they are covered by their travel insurance if a terrorist attack should disrupt their trip plans. Though it is important to check the details of your specific policy, the majority of them do actually have some terrorism coverage. However, the protection is not unlimited and all encompassing.

The standard type of travel insurance policy will provide coverage only if the attack occurs in a city that is listed specifically on your travel itinerary. Therefore, if you are staying in a place that is nearby, but not in the actual city in which it occurs, it may not be possible to make a claim. Furthermore, the incident must actually be identified as an act of terrorism in order to receive payments for that type of coverage. War, civil violence, and political unrest are not considered the same thing and would require different coverage.

It is very important for policyholders to understand what their travel insurance will provide in the case of terrorism. It may be possible to make a claim under the interruption or trip cancellation benefit of the policy. It is important to know to what extent the policy will provide coverage, including any limitations for interruption or cancellation with regards to terrorism. For example, the threat of terrorism is not covered under terrorist coverage. It is only an attack that will allow for a claim to be made.

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