Texas has the largest population of those without health insurance coverage

Texas health Insurance companies

Texas leads in terms of uninsured population, eclipsing California

Texas now has the highest uninsured population of any state in the United States. Last year, the state had more than 5 million residents that did not have health insurance coverage, overshadowing even California in terms of its uninsured population. For many years, California was home to the largest uninsured population, with some 4.8 million people without coverage. Over the past few years, however, the state has managed to reduce its uninsured population by a significant margin.

California has reduced the number of those without health insurance by a significant margin

One of the reasons California has been able to reduce its uninsured population is due to its expansion of its Medicaid program as well as its aggressive promotion of its state-run health insurance exchange. In Texas, this has not been the case due to the opposition the Affordable Care Act has received from lawmakers. While the state does have a health insurance exchange, relatively few people have enrolled for coverage through the market when compared to enrollments being reported in other states. Approximately 943,000 people have purchased coverage through the exchange.

85% of Texans receive subsidies for their health insurance coverage

Texas health Insurance companiesThe state’s exchange is operated by the federal government, and the major of consumers receiving coverage through the exchange, some 85%, are receiving subsidies from to help cover the cost of coverage. On average, those receiving subsidies are provided with $244 a month that help cover the cost of premiums. This has been a major reason why the state’s uninsured population has decreased, but Texas remains the leading state when it comes to those without health insurance coverage.

Lawmakers are concerned with the growing costs associated with the expansion of Medicaid

State lawmakers have expressed concerns when it comes to the costs associated with expanding the Texas Medicaid program. California is expected to see Medicare costs soar in the coming years, especially as more people become eligible for coverage through the program. Covering these costs could place states under major financial strain.

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