Obamacare boosts health insurance coverage by 20 million

President Obama health insurance Obamacare

President Barack Obama has announced that the uninsured rate among Americans has reached record lows. Obamacare has been a law for six years now, and during that time, 20 million people under the age of 65 have obtained some level of coverage, brining the rate of uninsured Americans down to a low that has never seen before in the country. The latest data from the Obama administration shows 2.4 million more people became insured since the fall. The speech was given by the president while he was in Milwaukee, where…

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Young consumers weigh the cost of health insurance and federal penalties

health insurance for young adults

Young adults are not convinced that insurance coverage is a viable financial option Young adults in the United States have faced a difficult decision during the latest open enrollment period. As open enrollment comes to an end, young and health consumers have had to decide whether or not to purchase health insurance coverage or face a federal fine and which of the two may end up being more expensive. Notably, the fine for those without insurance has gone up in 2016, which may have influenced many young people’s decision to…

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University of Toledo student insurance no longer required

health student insurance program College

There is no longer a regulation for enrollment, but it remains possible to voluntarily enroll if desired. The student insurance that used to be required for everyone going to the University of Toledo has now been changed to a voluntary coverage, which is available to anyone who Is taking at least one credit hour per semester. The reason behind the decision is that many of the students attending the university no longer require the coverage. The reason is that because of the federal health care reforms, student insurance often overlaps…

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Insurance marketing in Illinois uses clever humor to appeal to Millennials

luck plan illinois insurance marketing health insurance

A new campaign is hoping to appeal to a younger demographic, using a little bit of “Luck” A satirical insurance marketing campaign in Illinois has now been released to help to encourage younger adults to sign up for health plans under the Affordable Care Act, with ads featuring the “Luck” plan. Get Covered Illinois is running funny commercials that end with the slogan “You’ll be okay, probably.” This insurance marketing strategy includes ads that promote a fictitious “Luck Plan”, that shows young adults frolicking around Chicago wearing homemade splints made…

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Washington health insurance exchange launches new ad campaign

washington health insurance exchange

New ad campaign seeks to engage young consumers Washington’s health insurance exchange has been having trouble appealing to a certain demographic. Those between the ages of 18 and 34 account for only 23% of the more than 90,000 people that have purchase coverage through the state’s exchange thus far. Exchange officials are hoping to better engage young consumers by launching a new ad campaign. If young consumers continue to avoid the exchange, and insurance coverage in general, it could turn out to be a somewhat costly problem for the insurance…

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