University of Toledo student insurance no longer required

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There is no longer a regulation for enrollment, but it remains possible to voluntarily enroll if desired.

The student insurance that used to be required for everyone going to the University of Toledo has now been changed to a voluntary coverage, which is available to anyone who Is taking at least one credit hour per semester.

The reason behind the decision is that many of the students attending the university no longer require the coverage.

The reason is that because of the federal health care reforms, student insurance often overlaps the health plans that the students already have through other sources, such as their parents. Until the age of 26 years, people are able to remain covered on their parents’ health insurance policies, which means that a sizeable number of the people going to colleges already have coverage.

The university took this into account when they redesigned the requirement rules for their student insurance.

health student insurance CollegeBefore these latest changes, the students who were taking six or more credit hours per semester, on campus, were required to enroll in the health plan that was offered by the university. They were permitted to opt out of the coverage if they could prove that they already had a comparable health insurance policy that they had purchased individually, through a parent, or through an employer, for example.

The trustees at the college recently made the decision to stop making the student health insurance mandatory for many of those enrolled at the school. That said, there are still a few who will be required to prove that they are covered or who will need to purchase a plan through the school, such as international students as well as those who are taking certain specific programs, such as those who are studying to become a nurse or a doctor.

The university will continue to make their student insurance plans available to those who would like to voluntarily enroll and who qualify. According to Meghan Cunningham, a spokesperson for the university, With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, it became redundant for the university to mandate health insurance for students.”

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