Homeowners insurance regulations bill altered by a Senate committee

Homeowners Insurance

The changes were made following Waldo Canyon fire victim testimony by the members. A Colorado Senate committee heard the testimony of victims of the Waldo Canyon wildfires two weeks ago and has now made a few small changes to some of the homeowners insurance industry regulations proposal. The committee took the time to take the concerns of the witnesses under consideration before continuing. According to Senator Jeanne Nicholson (D-Black Hawk), “We wanted to take some time to consider some of the concerns that were raised by some of the witnesses…

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Wildfire insurance claims in Colorado approach $500 million

High Park and Waldo Canyon fire victims have already started making their filings. Wildfire insurance data from the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association has indicated that the claims from victims of the High Park and Waldo Canyon wildfires will generate payouts of almost $450 million from insurers. This estimate is preliminary, as the claims process is just getting started. Insurers have begun looking into the tallies of the losses from personal property and home damage from the fires that caused destruction to over 600 houses in El Paso and Larimer…

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