Adequate unemployment insurance extension increases odds of finding “better jobs”

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A new study found that given more time, people are more likely to find employment suited to qualifications. Unemployed workers are more likely to find “better” jobs to suit their qualifications with an unemployment insurance extension, say new study results. This research indicates the opposite effect suggested in arguments made by Republican leaders. The Congressional debates over the next coronavirus stimulus package include the type of unemployment insurance extension that will be employed. Republican leaders have been cautioning against the added $600 per week in federal benefits for those who…

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22 million unemployment insurance claims were filed in a 4-week span

Unemployment insurance - Closed Business Sign

As businesses continue to remain closed because of the pandemic, workers are steadily laid off. The steady stream of layoffs resulting from businesses temporarily closing due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to millions of additional unemployment insurance claims. In April’s first full week, an additional 5.2 million workers submitted their first week’s filing for benefits. US Department of Labor data showed that the total number of Americans who have filed their first unemployment insurance claims is 22 million in four weeks following March 14. This represents approximately 13.5 percent…

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Unemployment insurance program in Texas swamped with problems

Unemployment Insurance North Carolina

Issues with delayed benefits and overpayments are causing epidemic struggles. The unemployment insurance program in Tennessee is facing tremendous problems as the $1.2 billion system, which is administered by the state’s Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The program is bleeding money through a high trend of overpayments, errors, and fraud. The unemployment insurance program has made $73 million in overpayments as a result of errors and fraud over a period of six years. Auditors in Tennessee have determined that the department’s program internal controls were either not effective or…

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Unemployment insurance bill in North Carolina faces to Senate

Unemployment Insurance

The overhaul that slashes the system’s benefits moved quickly through the House. A controversial unemployment insurance bill that would entirely overhaul the system in North Carolina has now passed through the House and has moved on to the Senate in order to face their scrutiny and debate. The bill includes a number of widespread changes to the benefits that jobless workers would receive. The changes that it would make the unemployment insurance in the state include considerable slashes to the benefits that the jobless would be receiving in the future.…

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