Cyber insurance is gaining attention in the UK

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UK government to launch initiatives to promote cyber insurance coverage Cyber insurance is kicking off in the United Kingdom. The government has announced several join initiatives that are designed to improve the stability and availability of cyber insurance in the country. The UK Cabinet Office and Marsh, a prominent insurance company, have partnered to launch these initiatives in order to protect companies from cyber attacks. Recently, the two organizations published a report that shows that the majority of British firms lack the appropriate level of cyber protection. Report shows that…

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Swinton Commercial helps its commercial customers to protect themselves against Halloween mischief

As the end of October approaches, so does Halloween, Mischief Night, and Guy Fawkes, meaning that businesses in the United Kingdom are taking extra efforts to protect themselves against any possible damage to their properties that can occur during this time.  In this light, Swinton Commercial is recommending that businesses check their insurance policies and make certain that they are adequately covered against this type of problem.  Previous years have seen damage to the doors, windows, and paintjobs on stores on Mischief Night, an annual tradition most common in the…

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