Insurance fraud investigation begins at Uber

insurance fraud investigation uber

The rideshare company is now being investigated after it failed to detect falsified driver documentation. Transportation for London (TFL) has now launched an insurance fraud investigation into Uber, the app based ride share company, after a person successfully used falsified proof of coverage documents in order to become a driver. A whistle blower determined that it was possible to Photoshop insurance cards and pass Uber’s screening. The whistle blower remains unnamed but was already a driver for Uber. The insurance fraud test occurred when that person uploaded fake documents from…

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Allstate auto insurance to cover rideshare drivers

Allstate auto insurance Geico

People who are driving with the use of app based services like Uber will now have the insurer’s coverage available. Allstate auto insurance offerings will now be including coverage for drivers who will be using apps such as Uber and Lyft in order to pick up ride sharing passengers in order to earn an income. The auto insurance coverage will come with an average premium of between $15 and $20 per year. The announcement about the new type of Allstate auto insurance policy also explained that the goal of the…

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New auto insurance requirements could be imposed on ride-share services

car auto insurance industry ride share

Uber and Lyft could have to comply with new auto insurance requirements, pending legislation New auto insurance requirements may put some pressure on ride-share service, such as Uber and Lyft. The Senate Banking and Insurance Committee has supported new legislation that would introduce new requirements on companies that use mobile applications to connect drivers with passengers. These services have become quite popular in large cities and serve as an alternative to taxis. Over the past year, these services have been the subject of concern because of the auto insurance coverage…

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Auto insurance bill for Uber drivers takes another step forward

auto insurance ride share car

Ride sharing services have now cleared another hurdle in obtaining the right coverage in Minnesota. A bill that will require Uber and other types of ride sharing service companies to provide their drivers with a higher level of auto insurance coverage has now stepped beyond yet another milestone within the Minnisota state Senate. The bill was moved forward, recently, by the Senate Transportation Committee following industry official testimony. Officials from Uber spoke in front of the Senate committee. They were in opposition of the bill, while limo and taxi drivers…

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Auto insurance offered for ride share drivers by USAA

auto insurance ride share

The insurer based in San Antonio has released a statement that said it would extend a driver’s existing policy. USAA has now announced that it will be giving drivers for ride sharing programs, such as Uber and Lyft, the opportunity to extend their current auto insurance in order to protect them while they are with a fare. This coverage would broaden the deductibles and the coverage for a nominal additional monthly fee. According to the auto insurance company, the expanded coverage would cost an additional $6 to $8 on average.…

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Auto insurance question raised about Uber coverage in Toronto

Toronto Canada Auto ride share Insurance Discounts

The ride share company may not be providing adequate protection to its drivers to operate in the Canadian city. The Insurance Bureau of Canada has released a statement that has said that it is concerned that Uber, a ride share company in the country, is not providing its drivers with the auto insurance coverage that is required for them to be adequately protected for operations on the roads of Toronto. Uber Canada has assured the public that its drivers are providing the safest transportation experience in the city. In Toronto,…

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Rideshare auto insurance struggles in France could end with 2015 Uber ban

paris France auto insurance uber

The country has now stated that it intends to end the availability of the service next year. The popular low cost rideshare service, Uber, has been facing a number of problems in terms of the details of its legalities, particularly when it comes to the auto insurance requirements, and France has now made a decision to put an end to all of it by simply banning the company from operating within the country. The French government made the announcement that the ban on Uber’s service would begin on January 1,…

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