Driverless Cars – The Future of Motoring

Driverless Cars auto insurance

Driverless cars may be far closer to becoming reality than is generalised realised according to new research by Eight major global players are all competing to take this developing industry by storm, with Mercedes set to win the race to be first to market with a driverless S-Class set to be made available later this year. The Mercedes solution will be capable operating without driver input at speeds of up to 25mph, which will allow drivers to avoid tedious and stressful inner city driving. This will be very similar…

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Autonomous Toyota Prius causes minor crash in California, insurers unsure how to react

Google has been developing an autonomous vehicle that can, allegedly, travel without human interaction. The big-name technology company has kept quiet about the vehicle, releasing only choice bits of information throughout the years. What little is known about the vehicle is that it is a Toyota Prius and has apparently traveled more than hundreds of thousands of miles, according to Google representatives. Google has been so bold as to say that the vehicle could never be in a crash, a notion that was proven false last month. Google’s autonomous car…

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