Hurricane Harvey damage to be among “top 10 most costly” for insurers, JPMorgan

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The financial services company told its clients that the costs could be between $10 billion and $20 billion. JPMorgan informed its clients that the Hurricane Harvey damage left behind in Texas could be as high as $10 billion to $20 billion. This would place it among the “10 most costly” hurricanes to make landfall in the United States, said the company. The storm first struck Texas last weekend and was a Category 4 at the time, before being downgraded. Gradually, it wound itself down to tropical storm status, though it…

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Windstorm Insurance Association in Texas may run out of cash if a big storm hits

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Estimates show that funds could run very short if certain areas are struck with damage. According to official estimates, the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association may find itself facing considerable shortages of funds if a hurricane strike Brownsville, Corpus Christi, or Galveston. This association is the insurer of last resort for tornado, hail, hurricane and other wind damage. The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association current provides coverage for over 267,000 owners of residential and commercial properties. Approximately 90 percent of its policies are for residential coverage. Also known as the coverage pool,…

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Lawmakers convene to discuss Texas Windstorm Insurance Association

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Texas Windstorm Insurance Association subject to examination Lawmakers met in Austin, Texas, this week to discuss the issues that are plaguing the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association. The state-run insurance provider has long been the best location for consumers to find affordable and comprehensive wind insurance policies. Coverage for wind damage is often not included in homeowner’s insurance policies in Texas, leaving many consumers without protection in the event of a powerful wind storm. Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman was present during the meeting to provide insight on the problems facing the…

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Dallas-Fort Worth tornadoes spur concerns of insurance premiums

Report on Dallas tornado insurance claims Several powerful tornadoes cut a swath of destruction in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas this week. The tornadoes caused a significant amount of damage to homes and businesses in the area but no death has been reported thus far. Claims adjusters have been streaming into the state from companies like Nationwide and Allied Insurance to help process the claims generated by the disaster. Insurers and state officials are encouraging all those that have storm-related claims to get in touch with an agent and…

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States hardest hit by tornados in the U.S

The tornadoes that struck the South and Midwest American states this week, leaving 13 people dead and injuring many others, have drawn attention to the risk of twisters once again, following closely on the heels of 2011’s record breaking year for those and other severe weather events. Last year was the deadliest storm season in over three quarters of a century, and thunderstorms and tornadoes brought about approximately $25 billion in uninsured losses. Though the data regarding which states were struck most by tornadoes last year has yet to be…

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2012 tornado season could be as active as the now notorious 2011

Last year, the U.S. was subject to an unnaturally active tornado season. The season spawned outbreaks of violent windstorms and powerful tornados that cut a path of destruction through much of the mid and mid-eastern states. Last year saw a total of 1,709 tornadoes touched down in the U.S. While this is well short of the 1,817 that formed in 2004, these tornados were far more destructive and widespread. Indeed, 2011 was one of the most disastrous years in recent history, so much such that the insurance industry was hoping…

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Texas insurance regulators looking to restructure state’s Windstorm Insurance Association

The Texas Department of Insurance is looking to restructure the state’s Windstorm Insurance Association. The state-run insurance group provides protection from wind damage, something that many of the state’s private insurance companies do not offer. Like similar organizations in other states, the Windstorm Insurance Association has fallen prey to mounting debt. Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman is now looking for approval from legislators to hire a private consultant to aid in the program’s restructuring. The program was originally meant to be a last resort for state residents who could not find…

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