The increasing cost of care for cancer patients

The National Cancer Act’s “war on cancer” went into effect forty years ago, and throughout that time, the battle has yet to be won for finding a cure. Though better treatments are becoming available, there is another problem growing for cancer patients, and that is that these treatments are not becoming any more affordable. The newest drugs can easily cost $100,000 or more for a year’s worth of treatment. Patients are being prescribed these drugs earlier on in their illness, and they are required to use them for longer periods…

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Cancer Insurance Info website offers relevant info and donations to American Cancer Society

The Cancer Insurance Info website, which has already established itself as a strong provider of information and news… regarding cancer and the financial aspects of the various treatments and therapies for that disease, is now working to spread awareness about Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March, and will be making a $1 donation to the American Cancer Society throughout the entire month for every cancer insurance quote that is generated by that site. The website provides visitors with highly informative and useful articles about different forms of cancer, and the…

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Employees look to cancer insurance to fill the gap left by employers’ high deductible health coverage

Employers in California, as well as across the country, are attempting to cut the costs… associated with the skyrocketing medical insurance premiums by choosing higher deductible health coverage that shifts some of the expense to the employees. In response, many of those employees are looking to supplemental health plans like cancer insurance as a way to fill in the gaps that are being left behind by that employer sponsored insurance. Though these efforts were not very common as recently as two years ago, they are increasingly becoming the norm. That…

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Reasons you might benefit from supplemental health insurance

It’s easy to believe that the coverage you receive through the health insurance benefits from your employer means that you have all the protection you need in case of injury or illness. However, all too many people who feel this way find themselves caught in a financial catastrophe if that illness or injury does occur. Before you start feeling too comfortable, it is recommended that you take a very good look at your policy and make sure that you fully understand what it covers. There are a number of reasons…

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American consumers want experimental drugs covered by insurance

Insurance for Experimental procedures

Scientists from the School of Public Health at Harvard have recently asked Americans, as well as people in Italy, the U.K., and Germany, if they felt that decreasing the overall cost of healthcare was worth eliminating expensive experimental treatments. The results of this survey indicated that among Americans, 62 percent were opposed to “decisions by the government or health insurance plans” for denying care if they should decide that the cost are not justified by the benefits that the care provides. Each country’s participants in the survey provided comparable results.…

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Using wellness benefits to their best advantage in 2012

High Risk Health Insurance

Many forms of health coverage, offer benefits for “wellness” and “preventive care”, which can help you to better take advantage of what is available to you in order to achieve greater health. Among the benefits of preventive coverage is that there are no co-payments, deductibles, or co-insurance payments that must be made by the policyholder, as is the case when the condition is already diagnosed and treatment must be covered. This type of benefit is seen in insurance plans either because they are required by state or federal regulations, or…

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The answers to frequently asked questions about health insurance rate increases

health insurance options

Many consumers are facing increases to the insurance premiums that they pay for health coverage every month, and as a result of this, several questions are arising. In response, the industry is working to make information more readily available to help to answer these questions. Some of the more common question include the following: • Does the health care reform overhaul prevent health insurance companies from making their typical annual rate increases? The answer is “no”. However, the health care reforms do force insurance companies to take certain steps to…

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