Flood insurance payments still not received by many in Long Island

flood Insurance payments time

Many homeowners have yet to obtain anything from coverage settlements after Superstorm Sandy. Thousands of people in Long Island are still waiting for the funds that they need to rebuild, as their final flood insurance settlements have yet to be made, leaving them to have to pay contractors out of their own pockets in order to complete the half finished jobs that were started after Sandy hit over three months ago. These homeowners are facing financial struggles and are becoming highly frustrated with the lack of payment. A large number…

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Insurance news from Bermuda shows an estimated $3 billion in Sandy damages

insurance news - atlantic hurricane season

These estimates include only the insured damages, based on the claims that have been received. According to official insurance news estimates regarding the cost of Superstorm Sandy to Bermuda insurers and reinsurers, the total so far is approximately $3 billion, but that amount may grow to be much larger. Seventeen insurers in the country have now released their preliminary estimates for their storm losses. At the moment, the total of these estimates for the losses related to Sandy have come to $2.987 billion in potential claims. The majority of this…

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Homeowners insurance policy details will likely change due to Sandy

Homeowners flood Insurance

Many people may find that their premiums and their deductibles will rise because of the superstorm. The northeastern states were slammed by superstorm Sandy, generating a tremendous number of homeowners insurance claims, and have led experts in Delaware to predict that this will generate a number of changes to customer policies, including to the premiums they pay and the deductibles they face. The direct impact of the storm was only the first stage in the damage that it caused. Even though the damage faced by residents of Delaware led to…

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Insurance news from AIG predicts $2 billion in Sandy losses

AIG Insurance company CEO - Building in Manhattan

The superstorm has taken its toll on the states and insurers are starting to release their numbers. AIG has announced that it expects to have lost $2 billion in pre-tax costs due to superstorm Sandy’s impact on the United States. This was revealed at the same time that it said it would be making a $5 billion sale of its aircraft leasing business. The storm, which smashed its way across the American Northeast coast led to more than 100 deaths and made insurance news with its vast amounts of property…

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Insurance news from Canada shows $100 million in claims from Sandy

Toronto Ontario Canada Auto Insurance News

After the superstorm pummeled through the United States, it smashed into Canadian provinces. According to the most recent insurance news estimates from Canada, after leaving the United States, superstorm Sandy led to insured property damage that will total approximately $100 million. These statistics were issued from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) based on claims received. The IBC has based this data on the claims that are being made in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The estimate is still considered to be preliminary, but it has now been…

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