Superstorm Sandy insurance settlements through FEMA get closer

hurricane sandy business shut down

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is going to begin direct negotiations with homeowners. Homeowners who were victims of the catastrophe that came with Superstorm Sandy will be negotiating directly with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in order to be able to move ahead toward the resolution of disputes with regards to the compensation settlements. A written agreement has now been created by FEMA that establishes structures that it can apply to lawsuits. There are about 2,200 lawsuits that are still awaiting settlement with regards to the compensation that homeowners…

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Connecticut insurance payout timing for Sandy running out

Connecticut Insurance

Fifteen months after the superstorm smashed its way through the area, homeowners are still waiting for their insurers. While Superstorm Sandy may no longer be making the top headlines anymore it doesn’t mean that the Connecticut insurance industry has finished up with all of the claims and payouts that were wrapped into this horrendous natural disaster that ripped across the east coast of the country. Some homeowners insurance customers are still waiting to receive the payouts for their claims. The problem is that time is starting to run out according…

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Homeowners insurance issues growing for many Sandy victims

Flood homeowners Insurance Rates raising homes

Following the devastation left behind by sandy, residents of the area now face another expensive choice. Thousands of homeowners insurance customers are now facing expensive choices beyond having to manage and pay for the repairs from the catastrophe that Superstorm Sandy left in its wake along coastal areas of the eastern United States. Many property owners are finding that they can’t afford any of the choices now in front of them. This homeowners insurance news isn’t entirely new to these residents, except for the fact that it is now coming…

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Insurance news from Swiss Re reveals Sandy and extreme weather loss estimates

insurance news - atlantic hurricane season

The Superstorm and other disasters were found to have caused $77 billion in insured losses. The second largest reinsurer on the globe has issued its insurance news data regarding natural catastrophes as well as manmade disasters last year accumulated a cost to the industry of $77 billion. This makes 2012 the third most costly year that the industry has ever recorded. According to the Swiss Re insurance news report, there were over 300 different disasters and catastrophes last year. Together, they led to the loss of more than 14,000 lives.…

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Homeowners insurance checks to be expedited by New York Banks

Homeowners flood Insurance hurricane sandy damage

Financial institutions within the state are making efforts to try to issue the payments more quickly. The New York Department of Financial Services has announced that five of the largest banks and mortgage service institutions within the state have assigned reps to help to make the homeowners insurance cash settlements more quickly throughout this week for the Sandy claims that have remained unpaid. There have been a number of different locations established in which those representatives can be contacted. The reps are available to homeowners insurance customers at various Disaster…

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