Are Home Insulation & Energy Upgrades Covered by Home Insurance?

home insurance coverage

Home insulation and energy upgrades are essential components of a well-maintained home. They not only enhance comfort but also lead to significant energy savings. As a homeowner, it’s important to learn how these home improvements interplay with home insurance. This mutual relationship is often left on the sidelines, yet it’s crucial to comprehensively understanding your home ownership responsibilities and rights.  Understanding Home Insurance Coverage Home insurance is a safety net that provides financial protection against damage or loss of your house and the belongings within it. Typically, it covers incidents…

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Solar panel insurance keeps your green energy investment covered

Solar Panel Insurance - solar panels on house roof

Many homeowners don’t realize that they need to add coverage to their eco-friendly additions. Across the country, homeowners and businesses alike are making efforts to shrink their carbon footprint but many forget to add solar panel insurance to cover their substantial investments. Getting coverage for your green energy additions is typically quite easy to do. The average rooftop solar panel system will usually cost somewhere between $15,000 and $25,000, according to data from the Center for Sustainable Energy. A good chunk of the cost has the potential to be offset by…

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